-Sunday Afternoon

Characters Involved:

        -Lennie                    -George

        -Candy                     -Curley

        -Curley's Wife         -Slim

        -Carlson                   -Whit


        -Lennie goes to the barn to see his puppy,and he pets the pup. But he pets the puppy to hard that the puppy dies.

        -Curley's Wife comes into the barn, and Lennie tells her that he's not suppose to talk to her, because she's gonna get him in trouble.

        -Curley's Wife lets Lennie touch her hair. Lennie grabs to hard on her hair that she started screaming. Lennie tries to tell her to be quiet,but she wouldn't.

        -Lennie grabs her and wiggles her really hard that her neck broke. And Curley's Wife is now dead.

        -Lennie remembers what George told him to do if he got in trouble so he left the barn and went to the brush by the river.

        -Candy finds Curley's Wife dead in the barn, and goes and tells George.

        -Then Curley and the others come to the barn. And Curley said, "I'm gonna kill that bastard."

        -Then the guys go out and hunt Lennie. Carlson can't find his gun, and the guys suspect that Lennie took the gun.